Three years ago, LG Group recognised the potential in the massage electronics industry, and set about forming a business alliance with a company that specialised in the manufacture of massage equipment. Hundreds of companies were available, and many companies were diligently screened by LG through a rigorous testing regime to find a suitable partner that ticked all the boxes.

In July 2009, after two years of exhaustive screening and testing, LG selected iRest to become its global strategic partner. In the words of LG management, iRest was its partner of choice because of the strength in iRest’s management capacity, product quality, technology and research and development capabilities.

Tsinghua and Zhejiang University

Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University are two of the most prestigious universities in China. The Research and Development team at iRest, which consists of over 50 specialists in the field, work closely in conjunction with research specialists from the two leading universities to develop new iRest products every year.

This association between iRest and Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University has been pivotal to the success of iRest, and is one of the major reasons behind the quality and technologically advanced products that are manufactured by iRest.


iRest advertises its products and promotes its branding on CCTV. CCTV is the major state television broadcaster in China and has a network of 19 channels that is viewed by more than one billion viewers per year. This makes CCTV an extremely powerful advertising platform.

The opportunity to advertise on the channel is scarce and involves a highly competitive bidding process among the largest enterprises from China and abroad. The ability to advertise on CCTV is held in high regard by consumers and is recognition of the organisation’s size and success.

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