A testimony to iRest’s reputation of quality and excellence is the association that has been formed with one of the top 500 enterprises in the world.

LG Corporation, a pioneer in the consumer electronics market in South Korea and indeed across the world, has come on board and has formed an association with iRest to become the world's first massage products strategic partner.

What insights does this global association between iRest and LG give you about iRest products?

The strategic business alliance formed between iRest and LG is evidence of the prominent standing that iRest has developed in the global massage chair industry. Quite simply, there is no better testament to solidify the quality of iRest products than being selectively chosen by one of the top 500 business enterprises in the world to form a business partnership.

LG is a global leader in consumer electronics and conducts stringent tests and due diligence on all organisations and their products prior to forming a business relationship. Over the course of two years, LG conducted rigorous tests on multiple facets of the iRest business model, including the expertise of management, the efficiency of the manufacturing process, the effectiveness of the testing laboratory facilities, and of course, the quality of the end product. From hundreds of companies that manufacture massage equipment globally, LG selected iRest to be its business partner.

This decision by LG to select iRest as it preferred partner sends a strong message to all consumers – you should choose and trust iRest to be your partner in massage equipment. Trust the judgement of LG. Trust iRest.

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